Self Care 101

I often find myself forgetting about me. School and work take precedent while my simple desires are ignored and dismissed. I can not blame this on anyone but myself, however, I do feel society emphasizes constant movement and progress as one of the best means of achieving success. Therefore it is no doubt, I succumb to the pressure of always being “on the go”. But, I’m tired of disregarding my personal to-do lists and always prioritizing my work lists, so I plan on changing that because, to a point, I’m inevitably going to crash again.

In the pursuit of happiness and all that good stuff, I’ve collected a few things, my must haves, that are gonna help me take better care of myself. If I could visually represent sleep, eating my meals on time, and ultimately self love, they would definetly all be there too. 

– Pauline x

Hauls & Sales

For some, shopping is exhilarating, relaxing even. The urge to purchase overtakes them and they often find themselves with 300 dollars worth of makeup or clothes after. However, I am quite different: I get anxious and stressed. It is just not fun for me. So, when my friend invited to go splurge a little, I was like, “gurl, do you even know me?“ But, I obviously did not want to dampen the mood, therefore I said yes but that “yes,“ came with attachments. I made a list of everything I wanted, even prioritize the items and included their price – sales only –  and the store. I was just trying to avoid my ultimate demise, alright. So, here is what I got and I’ve added a mini review of the items because some lived up to the hype, while others did not.


Pro Artist Contour Palette, Price: 12.99

In the words of Simon Cowell, “it`s a no for me.“ This product is not easily applicable nor does it necessarily blend well. Personally, I prefer a warmer toned contour, but this palette has a greyer one that makes my skin ashier. I understand some people like that look, I simply do not.

Nyx Liquid Suede, Price: 9.99

Quite frankly, I was expecting more from this lipstick since Nyx is often recommended by most of the beauty gurus I watch. So while I found that it slides on with ease, it is vibrant and lightweight, after a couple hours it became really flaky – even more after eating- and settled a lot into my lip lines: making them more apparent. Therefore, I would recommend always exfoliating and moisturising your lips before using this lipstick. Nonetheless, it is an affordable lipstick, perfect for those who prefer a creamy but matte finished look that does not dry their lips.

Danielle Blush Brush, Price: 5.99

Out of the makeup products I got, this is my favourite. It has nice soft bristles that do not shed but blend to perfection. Likewise, it is eco-friendly and cost effective, so there is not really any cons about this brush, but I am yet to try the entire collection.

Absolute NewYork , Design N` Define Eyeliner, Price: 7.99

At first use, this eyeliner was really pigmented and easy to apply, however, after only using on two or three occasions over my eyeshadow it started to become dry and inconsistent. I tried dipping it in eye solution since that is known to help, but the tip was far way too gone. I had actually really liked it, but I would now rather invest in gel liners  since they tend to last longer.



Top // Urban Planet

Price: 11.99

Pants // h&m

Price: 9.99



Crop top // Urban Planet

Price: 5.99

DIY high waisted jeans // Value Village

Price: 9.99



Army Green Crop Top // Urban Planet

Price: 12.99

Cream Crop Top // Urban Planet

Price: 2.99

Basic white T – shirt // Urban Planet

(not shown)

Price: 5.99

So, this all!! As you can see, I bought most of my clothes from urban planet and that is because they had a huge sale and I had come knowing exactly what I wanted.

Thank you for reading!

Pauline x


A Funk

Lately, I’ve lacked motivation. There used to be a time when every action, every thought had a gust of energy behind it. Whether it be me simply thinking about the next episode of Grey’s anatomy or me pondering on the dynamics of oppression, there was purpose: a drive to apprehend more. But now, I don’t give a fuck? I’m underneath: drowning, waiting till I take my next breath of air, waiting till I feel alive. I do not know what to call it, perhaps “a motivation block, a life crisis, anxiety, tiredness?” I do not know, nor do I know how to rectify this, but hopefully me expressing my thoughts through this blog, getting inspired more and ensuring, to be honest with myself will help. Because I can not stay worn out when there is so much to do and learn.




I lost sight of myself

I don’t think I’ve completely found me

Before, I let numbers and comments validate me.

So, I logged out, exited the browser, and shut off my computer.

The last couple of months away have been interesting.

I became a vegetarian, feminist/womanist and an avid reader.

I’ve become more self-aware and socially aware about the injustices happening in this world.  I finally feel like I’m on the right path. I have a better understanding of who I am and who I want in my life.

I vow to continue this path and to cease any further insecurities and the fear of judgement.

I want to be fearless. 

I want my content to be raw, honest and real; filled with dreams, passions and things that interest me. I want to post about things that legitimately have meaning.

So, here I am, putting myself out there again.


I honestly admire the people who are motivated to workout everyday. My fail attempts have showed me that’s not a possibility in my future. Let’s hope I don’t get overweight because I’m screwed if I do. Anyways, my friend asked me if I could be his running partner for the upcoming weeks of next month, and being me I was like yeah sure, why not?

Our goal is to be able to jog/run 10km by the end of the summer. For the next 12 weeks on every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, we will go jogging for 30 mins using the c2k app to help us with pacing/intervals. Continue reading

Summer Essentials

It’s honestly bittersweet for me that summer is coming. I for one like wearing my fuzzy sweaters. Plus, spring and basically all the other seasons allow me to do that. However, the warm breeze and the sun beating down on my skin has been dearly missed. I can’t wait to go outside and shoot some hoops and nag my parents about getting better air condoning. This year, I’m trying not to be so angry at summer, to not show constant distaste of weather above 15 degrees and embrace the sun with long flowy dresses, pretty hats and all that normal summery stuff that alot of you get so excited about. Since it gets pretty hot here, there will also be a lot of bbqs, hikes, long walks/runs and sightseeing. I decided to make a post of my summer essentials- which this year, I hope will consist of more than being glued to my bed watching Netflix and eating ice cream.

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Daily Makeup Routine

My makeup routine is really simple, it doesn’t require alot of thought or for that matter skill 😂. However, it does the trick and I leave the house feeling put together and confident! So, here it is in seven easy steps!

⠀        — First step:

image Continue reading

May Music

IT’S MAY, my birthday month! In honour of that very interesting fact, I decided to create a May playlist with all of my favourite jams! (These are in no particular order) Comment down below your favourite song!! At this moment Sam Smith, Zella Day and Ed Sheeran are my spirit animals.



1. Swim by Fickle friends
2. Headlights by Tor Miller
3. Stolen Dance by Milky Chance
4. Make you feel my love by Adele
5. Stitches by Shawn Mendes
6. Blood by Osca
7. Burning Bridges by Jason Aldean
8. Almost lover by A Fine Frenzy
9. Young Blood by Bea Miller
10. Nobody Love by Tori Kelly
11. Fire by Kina Grannis
12. Erase Me by Kid Cudi
13. Rehab by Amy Winehouse
14. Can’t Sleep by K.Flay
15. Drowning Butterflies by Bipolar Sunshine
16. All I Want by Kodaline
17. Hands On the Wheel by A$AP Rocky
18. Dear Future Husband by Meghan Trainor
19. Sweet Ophelia by Zella Day
20. Lay Me Down by Sam Smith

I love all of those songs so much and you can find all of those songs and more on my Spotify playlist. I’m going to be adding 10 or more songs to it every week. Click there to view it ↠↠ (


2015 Festival Looks

The change from Winter to Spring brings me considerable excitement each year because that’s when all of the festivals begin. As we all know, Coachella ended but let us not forget about Burning Man, Folk Fest, Lollapalooza and etc! I put some looks together that I believe are comfortable and perfect to wear if you’re planning on attending a festival! Enjoy and let me know your favorite look 🙂


My obsession with kimonos is out of this world, that’s why I don’t understand why they are so bloody expensive. Like come on, help a sister out! I chose those shorts because the fringe on the bottom adds a more uniqueness and it probably creates a cool effect when your jumping up and down, jamming to the music!


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Girl Behind It All #2 (Liebster Award)

Much to my delight, and entirely unexpected, I was nominated for a Liebster Award by Photographygeek123 – a terrific blog about many things but mostly from the “Saaay Cheeeese” photography, to photoshop editing, as you can tell from their URL!

Then a week later, I received a second nomination from Annie at A Random Person Called Annie. Annie’s blog is literally life! She blogs about fashion, photography, DIYS and she also does book reviews. Basically, she does it all and it’s fun to read.

And as if my head weren’t big enough, I received a 3rd nomination from Lauren, a terrific blogger who does amazing fashion and beauty posts that leave me wishing I was rich. Plus, she believes that flaws are something that should be expressed and I agree with that because they make people more relatable and frankly unique.

For those who don’t know, the Liebster Award was designed to help discover and promote new blogs. Basically, someone reads your blog, thinks it’s nifty and passes on the Liebster to you – along with 10 questions you’re supposed to answer. You then select 5 new blogs (preferably with less than 300 followers) and turn over the torch to them, with 10 questions of your own. Frankly, I have no idea how to count how many followers you have, so I’m just picking 5 blogs I like.

Without Further Ado – Questions Photographygeek123 

1. What is your all time favourite hobby? I enjoy singing but let’s just say the sound of my voice tortures my family members. Drawing, knitting, and dancing are my things too.

I strive to learn how to twerk like her.

I strive to learn how to twerk like her.

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