Summer Essentials

It’s honestly bittersweet for me that summer is coming. I for one like wearing my fuzzy sweaters. Plus, spring and basically all the other seasons allow me to do that. However, the warm breeze and the sun beating down on my skin has been dearly missed. I can’t wait to go outside and shoot some hoops and nag my parents about getting better air condoning. This year, I’m trying not to be so angry at summer, to not show constant distaste of weather above 15 degrees and embrace the sun with long flowy dresses, pretty hats and all that normal summery stuff that alot of you get so excited about. Since it gets pretty hot here, there will also be a lot of bbqs, hikes, long walks/runs and sightseeing. I decided to make a post of my summer essentials- which this year, I hope will consist of more than being glued to my bed watching Netflix and eating ice cream.

Lip balm


Lemme explain how much my lips need these…Summer, for me is the definition of dry lips. I’ve tried so many lip balms and many have failed to satisfy my lips desires, which is moisturization btw. However, I stumbled upon eos and baby lips and they are incredible! I highly recommend them to anyone.

Protection and Moisturizer!!!!

wpid-2015-05-19-05.46.40-1.jpg.jpegThis has a million exclamation marks because it’s arguably the most important. I never leave the house without a cap or without slathering sunscreen and lotion on my face. I use sunscreen that’s above SPF 30 or a bit higher because I still want to tan, but I just don’t want any burns. Plus, lotion and sunscreen work as great primers.

Music & books


I’m currently reading alot of french books because my french finals are in 5 weeks. My goal is to read one french book every week and 2 english books every month. Reading is like my escape, add music onto that and you have given me the perfect evening. There is nothing quite like waking and opening your windows and letting that morning light in, reading, before the sun envelopes you in its burning heat.



Summers here are very hot and dry, so clearly this is a must. I’ve been putting lemons in my water just to add a unique taste and to most important of all beat dehydration.



Free the legs!! Honestly shorts are a hustle for me because I don’t like shaving my legs, but when the sun comes out in full force, they are life savers.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I can’t wait to share all of my future experiences and adventures with you!I hope you have an amazing summer too, so see you next time 🙂


9 thoughts on “Summer Essentials

  1. I try to embrace summer too. It gets hot and sticky here. As soon as you step outside you start to get sticky. But I’m going to wear as little as possible and be out in the garden and hopefully have a hose near by so I can soak myself! Enjoy your day! Koko

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