When Simplicity & Complexity Collide


What is Love?


At first glance, it is such a simple word  – easy to spell and pronounce. Yet if you take a closer look, you realize it’s a word with alot of complexity behind its meaning. So what is love, in the first place? Honestly, I’m not sure. I’ve been and I have asked that question a million times and, to no one’s surprise, I’ve gotten just as many answers.

I’ve heard it all – from the clichéd quotes down to those bitter heartfelt words. However, I have not  experienced all of the kinds of love that there is in this world. Nonetheless, I have my own interpretation:

Love is the most beautiful thing.
It is sincerity, honesty, perseverance, humility, forgiveness, and most importantly, sacrifice. It rejoices not in pain – rather, it seeks felicity in the darkest, and most somber places. Love is like life itself, for we fight to keep it alive and mourn at its loss.

– // This post was inspired by the Love in Ten Sentences Challenge, that I was nominated in by @arandompersoncalledannie (I would like to thank them and you guys should totally check out their blog!!)

// I decided to change the challenge a bit because I felt like it lacked flexibility, so yeah. I challenge other bloggers to share their own interpretation of love and at the end add their favourite love quote!! I call it the “Love In My Own Words Challenge.” *Plus tag me because I want to see them 🙂 //


Love is a force more formidable than any other. It is invisible – it cannot be seen or measured, yet it is powerful enough to transform you in a moment, and offer you more joy than any material possession could.  ~ Barbara de Angelis


Breakfast 101

Today I decided to be somewhat adventurous and do a recipe blog post. The last time I tried to do one, It went horribly wrong! However, I’m proud of this one. So here I am presenting you with two quick and easy breakfast meals that I’m hoping will satisfy your taste buds. Ooo In the comment section, share with me your favourite thing to eat in the morning. (I’m in need of more breakfast ideas)


(Strawberry Banana Smoothie)


      1. You’re going to need five things to make this super delicious strawberry banana smoothie.

– Half a cup of strawberries

– tbsp of honey

-1/4 of plain yogurt

– 1/2 of a banana

– A cup of milk


2. Put all the ingredients into the blender and blend away. You can add a protein shake like I did because I feel like in the morning, it boosts me up and gets me going.


3. Put it in a cup and ENJOY! 




1. Spray the pan with nonstick cooking spray or warm a small amount of oil or butter.

2. Slice the pepper as shown in the picture.

3. Crack your egg and strategically place it in the pepper circle.

4. Cook until the white appears solid, about 3 to 4 minutes. Then you can choose to eat it sunny side up or eggs over easy like I did. You also have the option now of adding your preferred spices or herbs or even meat, whatever you want!

5.  Now all you have to do is put it on your plate and enjoy your healthy breakfast!!

Disclaimer: I had to do this once before I got the hang of it :’)

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The Girl Behind It All

Hello, so you might be sitting or lying down, looking down at your screen, wondering who the girl behind this blog is. Well If you didnt know, my name is Pauline. Some of my followers requested I do a facts about me blog post, so here it is. I’m just going to establish that this is a no judgement zone, so please don’t judge me 😂

1. I’m a legging wearer-extraordinaire who spends too much of her time on her laptop.

2. I love me some doritos and pringles. Add avocado to the mix and you’re my best friend.

3. I acutally enjoy going school, and getting the opportunity to learn new things. They might not help me in the future, but I’m thankful I’ve been exposed them. After all, knowledge is power. I’ve got the daaaa POWERRRRR.

4. If you like Hannah Montana, highschool musical and camp rock, you’re officially my soul mate.

5. I used to have a crush on batman

6. I swerve in many lanes. One day I’m obsessing over Ryan gosling, and on another day, it’s Ian somerhalder.

7. Magcon used to be part of my life, but I couldn’t handle the drama. However, the Jack’s and sammy will forever be in my heart. Carter can go suck a cactus.

8. My YouTube crushes are the Harries twins and Casper Lee.

9. I, once had a mini crush on one direction.

10. Music is my life, almost everything reminds me of a song.

11. I like dancing.

12. I have 5 instagram accounts LOL not including my main.

13. Basketball and track are my favourite sports.

14. My Internet baes are @baesics.lol, @woopsy.fashion and @outfitnotebook

15. I’m 5’4 or 5’5

16. I want to become a pediatrician, or a clinical geneticist. But I can techincally become both.. (insert long explanation about how it’s possible)

17. Math annoys me. I think that’s pretty self explanatory.

18. I love reading. I’m rightnow reading code Name Verity By Elizabeth Wein. This was acutally supposed to be a book review blog, but I realized that I wanted to share more.

19. Beyonce is Queen. She’s acutally my mother, but she just doesn’t know it yet.

20. I used to be obsessed with old Navy, shudder, shudder, but they do have nice jeans.

21. My favourite stores are forever 21, garage, bluenotes, American egale, Ardene, and the dollar store.

22. I ship Arden Rose and Will dabshyire.
23. I want to go to new Zealand!!!!

24. Someone on Twitter catfished me.

25. I plan to go travelling in the summer of grade 12.

26. I can quote a lot of lines from alot of disney shows… Im just cool like that.

27.I live in Canada

28. My birthday is on may twenty second, so send me presents 😉

29. In certain situations I think I’m an extrovert, then in others, I think I’m an introvert. Is it possible to be both?

30. The Queen poops and so do I.

31. Shrek is pretty important to me. #shrekisloveshrekislife

32.I love knitting and pinterest

33. I speak three languages: English, French and luganda. I kind of want to learn Spanish because I think it sounds sexy.

34. I love fashion, and the way people are able to express themselves through it.

35. Lastly, I’m thankful for all the opportunities I’ve been given and the things/people in my life.

February In Poetry


From this moment on, I will not wrap myself in a tight box.
I will shed monday’s skin and commit to this daily detox.
I will wash away the past and wake up with fresh eyes.
From this moment on, my dream will become a reality.

Inside a pale white storm,
my heart surges out of its restraints.
I watch it tumble over and over again,
bending into scattered pieces of feelings.
Tears trickle down my face and erase the memories of my unrequited love.

Even in silence my body vibes to the distant sound of a tune.
Butterflies lift my arms into space and
music courses through my veins.
I emit sparks of excitement.
It’s an indescribable feeling that I can never understand.

With every breath I took,
I began to notice the little things.
The happiness in my soul,
A smile that didn’t feel like plastic,
And the beauty that surrounded me.
That was the moment I knew I had recovered.

Too many thoughts are swirling in mind while I’m trying to unwind. Despite the odds, I think of the answer to the burning question. Is it blue and black or gold and white?

(Disclaimer: I’m an amateur at poetry and it’s blue and black)

A Summer Breeze

Hello everyone, today I’m doing something different. However,  I’m somewhat afraid to show you guys these outfits, because I own an instagram fashion layout account where I post other people’s outfits. So I guess that’s supposed to mean I also have great closet. Plot twist, I would but I’m living the no cash life. Anyways, these are the outfits I put together. I hope you like them!

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8 Things To Do When You’re Sad.

We all have those days when we’re overwhelmed and drowning in emotions. When we just want the company of someone who sincerely understands our sorrows. However, when no one is around, it just makes us feel even more helpless. Therefore, here is a list of eight things you can do when you’re alone and feeling sad. I definitely hope they put a smile on your face, or make you feel somewhat better.

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Good Vibes for 2015

First of all, I hope all of you guys have an amazing 2015. Since it’s the new year, resolutions and vows of new beginnings have been made. Well, for me, I have chosen to pick something fairly simple. This year I’m going to decorate my room and just do more of the things that make me happy. I’ve also promised myself to try to remind calm and control the amount of teardrops that leak out of my eyes. So here are some pictures of the things I love doing!
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Monthly Music Mondays: New artists

School is out, cue the jam out sessions with my phone and I. From a young age, I was introduced to diverse music ranging from reggae to indie pop. I’ve also discovered a lot of artists that make goose bumps appear on my skin. For example, Ella Eyre, Jesse Ware, Broods and etc. So, here are my top six favorite songs of December!

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Hello clouds of Gray.

I’m extremely curious about how people manage to stay fit in the winter. Our first batch of snow was about a week  ago. I was convinced it wasn’t going to snow until the upcoming week. I guess one can dream. So, this got me thinking… Hmm, how do people keep fit?? Tell me all your secrets you sexy human beings. Anyway, because I’m trying to save up for a lot of things, I don’t have the money to pay for a gym membership or any other money involved thing. Secondly, our school sports teams suck,  (except for basketball, which starts at the end of November) so, I’m technically screwed because I haven’t touched a basketball since the summer. Lastly, we all know those home workout videos do nothing. I tried convincing myself to try those dvds out.. Long story short, I ended up watching the instructor work out while I was busy sitting down on my very comfortable couch eating a bag of chips. So, I’m begging here, how the fuggity frick do you stay in shape? Share your secrets by commenting down below.

Last but not least, here are some pictures of this pretty snow “desert,” I call home: