Self Care 101

I often find myself forgetting about me. School and work take precedent while my simple desires are ignored and dismissed. I can not blame this on anyone but myself, however, I do feel society emphasizes constant movement and progress as one of the best means of achieving success. Therefore it is no doubt, I succumb […]

Hauls & Sales

For some, shopping is exhilarating, relaxing even. The urge to purchase overtakes them and they often find themselves with 300 dollars worth of makeup or clothes after. However, I am quite different: I get anxious and stressed. It is just not fun for me. So, when my friend invited to go splurge a little, I […]

2015 Festival Looks

The change from Winter to Spring brings me considerable excitement each year because that’s when all of the festivals begin. As we all know, Coachella ended but let us not forget about Burning Man, Folk Fest, Lollapalooza and etc! I put some looks together that I believe are comfortable and perfect to wear if you’re planning […]

Girl Behind It All #2 (Liebster Award)

Much to my delight, and entirely unexpected, I was nominated for a Liebster Award by Photographygeek123 – a terrific blog about many things but mostly from the “Saaay Cheeeese” photography, to photoshop editing, as you can tell from their URL! Then a week later, I received a second nomination from Annie at A Random Person Called […]